Inspirational Insight!- Win em' over with Save the Dates!

Save the date cards, send them or don't? That is the debate a lot of bride and grooms go through when first planning their weddings, as that is one of the very first steps. Personally, I love them, I think you can make them super fun, without spending a ton of money and they have the power to set the tone for the whole wedding. They're especially good if you're planning a longer engagement the 'save the date' allows people to ensure they have your special day in their calendars!

There are many creative ways to do 'save the dates' all of my favorites are always incredibly creative and show a couples personalities. And of course, as mentioned before, you're setting the tone for the wedding, so let some of that shine through as well. Here are some great ideas- if you're doing a destination wedding your save the date could be in the form of a map or a passport! Fun and interactive. If your wedding is going to be more of a cocktail party then a formal sit down dinner, you could do the save the date in the form of cocktail napkins at the engagement party!
You could test out some wedding photographers and send an image, I've seen some cute things done with this idea! Make it into a magnet, make it look like a photo booth series or even make it look like a comic! The idea's are endless!!!

Save the dates can also be very simple if that is more you, just a card with the pertinent information, letting the guests know there will be more to follow. If going green is your thing there are TONS of outlets to make wedding websites and send out email save the dates. This route is cheap and environmentally friendly for sure. I'm still a sucker for getting mail though, so I've got to say I'm probably going to be sending out my save the dates when the time comes! Just remember, make it your own and I promise people will LOVE it!

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