Royal Wedding Obsession!

Talk about a dream wedding to plan! It seems like everyone these days is OBSESSED with the royal wedding. We want to know it all, where it will be, who will make the guest list and of course....who will Kate wear! I would actually put myself in the full blown stalker category. I need to know everything about this wedding, every time a new report comes out I gobble it up!!! Should April 29th of this year not be a holiday?!? Its like my own personal version of the Superbowl, I'm finally beginning to understand what all of the fuss is about!

So here is what we know so far, the wedding will take place on April 29th of this year. First of all, let me just say this, they either have a HUGE team planning this wedding or they are putting all of the weight of the world on a select few event planners. For some reason I have a sneaking suspicion its the latter. The thing to remember about the royal family is as much for as much as we know about them, they are incredibly private people. Rightfully so I believe, at the end of the day they're regular human beings, they're going to make mistakes and do things the world doesn't agree with, they shouldn't be held accountable for every little thing. (That's my rant for the day!) Moving on...this is an all day event (should I use a precious vacation day for such an event often crosses my mind). The day begins with the service at Westminster Abbey, while this is the seemingly obvious choice for a royal wedding because of its history, we can't be quick to forget that Lady Diana's funeral took place there on September 6th 1997. I can't imagine the choice was an easy one to make, but Westminster Abbey is STUNNING, so much detailing. Following the service is the processional. The processional includes a ride in a horse drawn carriage, with just William and Kate, they ride past some of London's most famous landmarks and wave to "their people". Many people view this as watching history in the making and since one day William will be King, I completely agree this is not something you want to miss, unfortunately for me, I'll be experiencing on the small screen. Following the processional is the reception, held by the Queen, at Buckingham Palace. Now the real fun begins- menu's, decorations, music selection!!! I can't imagine a larger, more extensive budget and contact list. Just think of the possibilities!

I can promise all of you this much, if you're as interested in the Royal Wedding (aka Jessica's Superbowl) as I am, I will continue to chat about it leading up to, during and probably long after it happens. This week marked the release of the official site. http://www.officialroyalwedding2011.org/ Its definitely worth checking out!
Up for next weeks Royal Discussion: Who will Kate Middleton chose to make, what I'm sure will be, her stunning dress!

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