Inspirational Insight!- Cupcakes (The one thing I can NEVER say no to!)

If you know me personally then you probably know I am the cupcake queen! I am permanently delegated to make them for all of my friends birthday's, gatherings or just to watch the Bachelor (no judgement please!) Last year my mom and I took a cake decorating class and have obtained the mother of all decorating collections. We need a whole storage unit to store everything from cupcake caddies, to tips, to cupcake trees. Like I said...we don't fool around. Cupcakes are quickly becoming one of the hottest trends at weddings. I think this has been a long time coming, who actually eats wedding cake? Not enough people to warrant buying an overly expensive one in my opinion! I get that people want the cake for the class and tradition it brings- but guess what! Get a fake cake, get a cupcake tree and I can almost promise you won't be left with tons of leftovers! (Although a few wouldn't hurt!) You can do so many fun things with cupcakes, the decoration possibility is ENDLESS!
You can chose different icings, cake flavors and displays. Keep them in line with your colour scheme, add on things that make you, you or just let the decorator have some fun! While this is a wedding blog, I still love other events, since I'm hot on my cupcake rant I thought I would share what got the inspiration flowing this week.
Oh yes, these are OSCAR cupcakes...see what I mean, you can literally make these little babies fit any event. These cupcakes are from Magnolia Bakery (if you've never been, you MUST go. They have stores in both NYC and Hollywood) they are little piece of heaven. How cute is it that the cupcakes even have their own red carpet for heaven's sake! If I haven't convinced you that these little wonders are the best idea for all events yet, think about this...usually you can have more then one ;)

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