Inspirational Insight!- Spring has sprung!

Ok...so if you live in snowy, cold Canada like me you'll know that the title of my post is a little bit deceiving! But to me, once I feel a little bit of warmth, once I start to hear the birds chirp and see the sunshine- Spring is well on its way! And with it, it brings a gorgeous, fresh array of colours! Spring colours are definitely my favorite palliate to work with, how could you not love all of the bright pinks, yellows, purples, blues and greens after a long (grey, dreary, depressing coloured) winter! I'm certainly not one to knock down the potential beauty of a Christmas time wedding, but from January to March I am SO over winter! I suppose I could look at it like I need to experience the cold, dark days to really appreciate the sunny, warm ones. Lord knows I practically bounced out of bed this morning when I saw those first couple rays of sunshine!

So that is why Spring, thoughts of sunshine, smelling tulips and listening to the lovely birds sing (sounds like something out of a day in the life of a Disney Princess) but is also what's got me inspired this week! I received the newest issue of Martha Stewart's wedding magazine (aka the BEST day that I experience every 4 months) and the front had a bunch of delicious, colourful cakes on the front! I just want to put this magazine on display these cakes are so pretty and bright! How can something like that not put you in a cheerful mood?!

Spring is also the time when everything comes to life, colour is infused everywhere! And the most gorgeous flowers all begin to bloom! Who doesn't love the fresh, clean smell of flowers? While I will admit, some can be a bit overpowering and perfumey, for the most part, nothing makes me happier then a beautiful bouquet of flowers to brighten up my bedroom! (Luckily I have a fabulous boyfriend who has figured that out!) While I truly love all flowers, my favorites have got to be tulips, Gerber daisies, peonies and hydrangea's! Tulips are the ones that remind me most of spring, so here is a great centrepiece that captures the colour scheme I am presently obsessed with and tulips!
I hope everyone has a fantastic day! Enjoy that sunshine!

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