Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Erin Go Bragh! Being a proud Irish girl I do love St. Patrick's Day (oh and green is one of my favorite colours!) so today's post will be focusing on GREEN! What a great, fresh colour too use for a spring wedding. Plus, green is customarily the colour of luck and a little luck never hurts! Green is a fabulous colour that can go with a numerous amount of palates. White and green looks the most crisp and clean, but you could really get away with pairing it with any bright colour for spring.
Don't you just love the simplicity of some ribbons really spicing up this table! The pop of the different shades of green is awesome! The other great thing about the colour green is all of the drinks and foods that coincide with the colour! Whip up some mojito's and cucumber sandwiches and you've got yourself a party! (Mom-if you're reading this, I'm aware they don't match!) If you're going with the green palate for your wedding, why not add some Irish wedding traditions in. Keeping with the theme of luck many Irish weddings incorporate horse shoes and shamrocks heavily into their weddings. I know what you're thinking, you don't want your wedding to look like some Irish pub on March 17th, but you can always add these things in subtly. The shamrocks can be added into boutonnieres and bouquets, customarily in Ireland horseshoes are given as gifts to the happy couple to hang in their new homes and my favorite Irish tradition of all- Cakes are the centre of attention at Irish weddings. I've always thought cakes were so lavish and outrageous here, I can only imagine what a cake must look like there to be the centre of attention!

Stepping away from the Irish trend for a minute- Another great idea for a "green" wedding is the whole concept of "going green." Being enviromentally friendly is huge in our society these days, green weddings are a thing of the future I promise you! There are already so many neat creations for eco-friendly weddings: invitations made of seed paper that you can plant in the garden, hemp linens, flower pots as thank you gifts, really the ideas are endless. In a society that is becoming more eco-consicious by the day, Green weddings are no longer just a trend!

So grab a guiness, if that's your drink of choice, personally I'll be sipping on some green tea! And get out and enjoy that sunshine!

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