New Year, New Blog

Its no secret that I haven't been giving this space the time and energy that it deserves. Almost 6 months in and I still feel like I am struggling to find a routine that makes sense. I think we're slowly coming out of the newborn fog and entering into a very fun stage. Jack's personality shines a little brighter every day and he is so eager to see and experience things. It's so incredible to watch him discover things for the first time, although it does not leave a lot of time for much else haha. So my evenings are filled with clean up and prep for the following day, not a lot of me time. However, its time I made some me time!

2015 is upon us and I think it is high time to declare what I intend this space to be. Clearly it is no longer about weddings, while I still do offer wedding services, I just don't have the time to do the research I once did or put as much wedding love into this blog. I also don't just want it to be a journal, which is slowly what it feels like it is becoming. The only person interested in reading that would be me. So where does that leave us?

I still want this space to be about events, life's events. As I've mentioned a million times, I love hosting, I love parties and themes, I love menus and decorations, I love really dedicating some time to create an event that people will love and have fun at. Typically these days that is showers, birthday's and dinner parties. I want to inspire people to enjoy those smaller life events, because those are the things that matter. I'm also a new mom, exploring some very new territory and will of course continue discussing books and good, quality TV, like the Bachelor!

So, with all of that in mind, this blog is getting a face lift, I am determined to breathe new life into this place. I hope you will still come back and read from time to time, blogging is still a world I very much love!

Come on back tomorrow for the first part of my favorite things of 2014 series, my top 5 books!

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