Top 10 Tuesday!

Woo wee! Getting back into a routine, knowing what day it is, getting dressed for the day, all difficult things these days haha. I am trying to diligently have time to blog, as it is something I truly love and the whole blogging community is something I've really enjoyed getting into these last few years. Speaking of that, my sister, started her own blog and it is hilarious! Check it out if you want a good chuckle.

I thought it would be fun to share my Top 10 Looks for the Fall. Now that I'm a full time Momma, I don't get to wear all of my beautiful office ware. I loved scouring the sale sections of Banana Republic, the Gap and JCrew for years. So my closet is full of beautiful pieces, however, those just don't work when you're hanging out with your babe, getting spit up on constantly, doing the whole mommy thing. So now I need a whole new look and believe me, I am not complaining! The mister treated me to a lovely little shopping spree at the outlets a few weeks back, what a guy! I've been struggling with my post partnum body (more on that tomorrow!) and nothing says feel good like a few new pieces!

So, without further adieu, here are my favorite Mommy looks!

All of the pieces I chose are comfy, cozy, but still cute and trendy. I'm a big believer in the classic look, so I never stray too far, my sister is a lot braver when it comes to fashion and manages to make things look so cool! How about you, did your style change when you joined the mommy club??

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