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Somehow another week completely escaped me! And a busy one it was! I got to see one of my all time favs last week, do stand up comedy. Chelsea Handler will forever remain a goddess in my eyes and getting to see her perform was truly amazing. She had me in stiches all night! I will also be starting a new path in my career and all of those decisions took place last week and did a GORGEOUS wedding on Saturday, so suffice to say I am ready for a nap!

Since finding out my little peanut is going to be a boy, I've been trying to wrap my head around what that's going to look like. I'm a girly girl, OK, the thought of whipping out some Barbies, paining nails, doing hair, telling secrets and watching chick flicks was what I've been picturing. I would like to state here I am in no way upset or disappointed I am having a boy. Not at all. Completely the opposite in fact. I am thrilled. This will give me the opportunity to immerse myself into the world of little boys, dirt, trucks, superhero's, bugs and lots of love for Mommy I hope! I am up for the challenge of raising a man and while I think I would excel with a little mini me, I know I will kick ass at being a boy Mom. My mini me day will come, I'm sure of it haha.

So I have been trying to give some real, serious thought to all of the things I want to instill in my little buddy, here are 10 of the goodies I've come up with:

1. Put the toliet seat down, this a pretty serious one. I am now outnumbered in our little home, so only I have the power to try to turn this around! Plus, his wife will thank me for that one!

2. Crying is ok. This is a big one because he is a boy. I understand that boys are supposed to be tough, but they also need to feel like being emotional is OK. They need just as many hugs and kisses as little girls, they need just as much adoration and attention and they need just as much acceptance. So, I want him to always be comfortable to tell us everything, no matter what! I never want feelings of shame to enter his mind if he is upset.

3. Explore. I want him to discover things on his own, whether that is the realization that his chubby little hands will indeed pick things up or that the world is a huge place, with so many places to see and things to do!

4. Always follow your heart and say a prayer. That will never steer you wrong.

5. Your actions are what define you. Not who you know, not how much money you have or what your social status is. Not what clothes you wear or cars you drive. How you treat people and who you chose to associate with says a lot about you, so chose wisely.

6. Pretty girls are a dime a dozen, find one that will stand by your side through anything, compliment your personality, can carry on a coversation, be your best friend and above all, make you laugh. Those qualities will make her the most beautiful woman in the world.

7. Chase your dreams, don't let anyone tell you that they are not worth while.

8. The only things in this life worth having, are things that you've earned and gotten with your own two hands.

9. Always call your parents to let them know how you are, your Mom will appreciate this more then you know.

10. This is your life, be active, love with your whole heart and find a little bit of happiness in every single day, even the though ones. Be thankful this is the life you've been given.

I'm sure there are hundreds more things that we want to teach him, that we hope he learns and exudes. What do you think, what are important values to you?? I love hearing other perspectives and values!

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