Wedi-quette Wednesday

Happy hump day all! And happy bump day to me! I officially "popped" over the last few days and this bump is here to stay! I've been wearing a lot more maternity wear this week and am so comfortable (finally!) I will share some of my favorites tomorrow!

Today, I thought I would share something pretty personal. Ever since I found out I was pregnant and got over the initial shock, I've been thinking about a million different things I want to celebrate, teach, experience and show little peanut. I was incredibly lucky, I grew up with parents that went above and beyond, often. Everything was fun, every holiday was exciting, trips- no matter where were going were memorable. We didn't grow up with millions of dollars, but I would've never guessed because my Mom made everything an exciting adventure. Obviously I have some pretty big shoes to fill.

One thing I know for absolute sure is I want to let them be little for as long as possible. Remember how easy and fun everything seemed when you were younger!? Not a care in the world, someone did everything for you and all you had to do was be a kid. I want to take the time to answer all of their questions, patiently, I want to look at them and see them, watch their little personalities develop. I want them to trust us as parents and as they grow feel like they can come to us with anything at all.

There is so much to think about when you get pregnant, so much! I truly believe the most important thing to discuss is what happens when this little guy or girl is officially in this world. How do you want to raise them? What is super important to you, in terms of values, traditions, holiday's etc. Thankfully, Mr. wedding girl and I are on the same page about so many things, when we have these conversations, we're pretty bang on.

I am a holiday loving girl! As I've shared before, I come by this honestly. My mom decorated the house for pretty much every holiday and every holiday was special. The memories I have are so amazing and to this day I still get SUPER excited for each holiday. Birthday, Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Halloween, all of them! I love to celebrate! Which is probably why I'm most excited to start our own traditions.

I don't think we need to give them the best, most expensive clothing or toys. Our little peanuts won't remember that stuff. Its the memories, the nostalgic feelings, photos of trips and holidays. That is what we want to give them. I hope this post was inspiring, I always like sharing a little piece of my heart in this space.

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