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Today I thought it would be fun to share some of my awesome maternity finds. I've literally had the same style for years, decades really. Imagine my sadness when I found out overall shorts are back in style this year...OVERALL's- my fave! And of course, I can't wear them, least I look like I was shoved into those puppies. Question for other pregnant Momma's, does it feel like this seasons stuff is literally the cutest selection ever!?!? Ugh, of course I can't jam myself into any of it haha.

My favorite stores are by far the Gap, J.Crew, Aerie and Old Navy. So imagine how delighted I was to discover three of them had maternity lines...oh but wait- you can only get them if you live in the States. COME ON!! I've managed to get my hands on a few things, but because I refuse to buy anything from actually maternity stores, I'm limited. I've been pretty torn on spending the money on decent stuff, because this is my first pregnancy and there will be more! And spending money on things I will only wear for 5-6 months. I've gotten to the point now where I do need to spend some cash because I need to be comfortable! It makes all the difference in the world.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces I've nabbed so far!
GAP Skinny Jeans I went for the demi panel, so they're pretty much the same as the jeans I wear in real life, but better! Elastic wastebands...just the best!

These white jeans are a little slice of heaven. When I first tried them on I was like "I don't think so!" They were a little tight...then I figured out, those puppies stretch! They are probably my favorite thing to wear these days! They are SO comfy! I went up one size, from my usual pre-pregnancy pants and they are ah-mazing!

 Of course the photo's of my other favorites are long gone. I have a super cute shirt dress from the Gap, perfect for work! Plus a couple of cute shirts from there (thanks Mom and Dad!)

I am feeling stuck on what else to get, especially since we're on our way into the summer...any suggestions?!? What were/are your favorite maternity pieces Mom's!?

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  1. loving the white jeans!
    I had the same stance as you - I can get by with non-maternity clothes in different sizes. But then I buckled and bought some black work pants from a maternity store. It was a good purchase. I wear them daily (ya, I admit it!). A few basics can go a long way. I have a black t-shirt that I can style 10 different ways. Plus, blazers will still fit, just don't do them up :)

    If you can track down an H&M that carries their maternity line (they exist in the GTA), they've got great basics too.


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