Weddi-quette Wednesday

Happy Hump Day! And happy almost May!!! When did that happen?!?! May is typically the busiest month of the year for me, we have 4 very special birthdays, Mother's Day, an anniversary and always a few other things thrown into the mix! I love celebrating pretty much anything, so its also one of my favorite months!

To get things rolling we have a huge family birthday party for my brother, sister and mr. wedding girl, next weekend! This year, at the request of my sister, it is Mexican themed! Which actually worked out really well since the following day is Cinco De Mayo. I thought I would share my idea board for this specific part-ay!

As you can see, TONS of bright colours! I got most of the decorations at Target, from their Oh Joy line, which I ADORE! We are going to do a taco & chip bar, because really, who doesn't love a good taco! Here's praying we get a beautiful day!

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