Trendy Thursday

With Easter a month away, I've been pinning decorations, recipes and all things bright and colourful for a while now! Are you hosting any Easter celebrations?? Contributing to an Easter meal?? Just loving another reason to get crafty and decorative?? Stick around for the next few weeks, as I share some of my favorite pin-spirations!

Obviously I got the ball rolling yesterday with some desserts! Have no fear, there will be another Easter specific dessert post, I need a reason to use my bunny cupcake holder! Today I thought I would whip out some fun ideas for kids, since next Easter the bunny will be visiting our house!

The night before Easter, the kids plant jelly beans in the yard and magically (otherwise known as getting your husband to run out and plant the lollies before the kiddies wake up) lollipops grow over night!

A healthly fun little treat, gotta be fun people!

Obviously this isn't just for kids ;) What a cute idea though!

Bunny prints, using flour

Bunny bait

An Easter countdown. You could load those eggs up with all sort of things! Treats some days, smaller items like hair clips or tiny toys and some could have activites.

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