Wedi-quette Wednesday

Would firstly like to apologize for the weird way the photo's went on my last blog post. They did not look like that when I was prepping the post. Of course, I'm not tech savvy enough to do much about that weirdness, so just think of it as a fun neck exercise, while you're looking at the photo's.

As mentioned yesterday, both showers were a huge success! It is so much fun and such a rewarding feeling thinking of planning a special day for someone you love! So glad both ladies had tons of fun and got tons of goodies!

Today, I thought I would announce a fun new feature that I plan on adding to my blog! I know, so many changes lately, with adding milestone events and now this goodie! I'm hoping that my readers will grow with me, I'm also hoping to attract new readers!

So, drum roll please...I will be adding "Wedding Girl Travels!" This was a fun suggestion from the lovely Mrs. D. I've been writing must see's from trips I've been on for family and friends for a while and she suggested putting something on my blog. So I thought, why the heck not?! That is where I end up gathering a lot of my travel suggestions, from other people's blogs! I'm hoping to get the bar put in up top, with a fun little section! I will also chat about must see's and do's in the lovely Toronto, for those readers that might be making the trip soon!

Happy hump day all! Almost the long weekend :)

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