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I think you know how I feel about Thursday's, I love the feeling of it almost being the weekend! And we have another fabulous one planned :)

Today I thought I would talk about changing your name, but since one of my favorite bloggers Megan, from Across the Pond, already chatted about that topic today, I will save it for another week! Instead I thought I would share something a little more personal. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I'm moving! (YAY!) I'm truly so excited to own my own little place of perfection. I can do whatever I want to it and its provides a true sense of ownership! I've been a Pinterest fiend lately, LOVE all of the home inspiration!

However, there is a small part of me that will be sad to go. I am not a person that loves change. I am fully aware that change can be good, its healthy for sure, but too much change and I get very anxious, I have for as long as I can remember. I was totally that kid that had to physically restrain myself from chasing my parents car as it drove out of the university parking lot during frosh week. That was a HUGE change, one that did not agree well with me. Obviously over the years there have been amazing changes, like starting my first real job at SickKids Hospital and meeting the love of my life. You get the drift, I don't love change most of the time, but I am willing to welcome it if need be and I've learned that its usually a good thing.

I'm obviously super excited to start this next chapter in my life, but saying good bye will be tear enducing. I will miss a lot of things about living in the city, like my 25 minute commute, the plethora (you're welcome Dad) of greek food down the street, our proximity to Toronto's beaches (and frozen yogurt shops!) the energy of living in such a bustling place, the used book stores, the coffee shops, the malls, you get it. Things I definately won't miss, almost getting killed everytime I ride my beautiful pink bike, not being able to lock up said bike, getting diddled (also known as having every part of your personal space invaded) every time I set foot on the subway, the constant rushing and feeling like I'm late because everyone around me is running and shoving (CALM DOWN), constantly being surrounded by people no matter where I go, line ups no matter where I go, PAY PARKING, feeling unsafe in certain places I walk. You get the picture.

The city has been a great starting place for Mr. wedding girl and I, however, we're on to smaller (haha) and better things. We're moving to a much smaller town, completely surrounded by farms! Night and day from the city! Thankfully we both still work in the city, so we can definately still access our favorite parts.

If you're on the verge of moving and are feeling the same way I am, excited and a little bit sad all at the same time, I'd love to hear from you! Here's to the beginning of a brand new chapter!

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  1. Aw I totally get where you're coming from. You're looking at the girl who cries every time I move. I find that kind of change really unsettling, but then, once I've had a chance to make the new place feel like home, things start to feel normal again.
    Remember, Home is wherever you two are together.


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