Weddi-quette Wednesday!

Hello readers!

Today's post is all about stocking your bar! If you are lucky enough to do your own bar, you've learned that this is a HUGE money saver! This is one of the biggest ways that Mr. wedding girl and I are trimming our budget. We will still be offering all of the goods, however, its much cheaper to purchase yourself AND you can return anything unopened!

So...now you're asking how do you know how much to buy?! Well, a good rule of thumb is most folks will drink between 1-2 drinks per hour (some more some less) Real Simple magazine has made it real simple (like what I did there?) and created a drink calculator.

I promise it is way less daunting then it sounds. Depending on where you are getting married you will most likely need a Special Occassions Permit, also known as an SOP, which is obtainable from the LCBO and costs $25.00.

Another way to save on bar costs is giving everyone one glass to use, you're also being enviromentally friendly this way! I do understand, of course, that this isn't feasible for some folks. There are always the people who get super intoxicated and have no idea where they left their half drunk glass of whatever. We love those people don't we, wasters is what they are! Although you really only notice that if you're footing the bill :)

I'll be back with more cost saving bar tips next week, for now, happy hump day! I hope if flies by so that you can head home to curl up on the couch and watch your favorite show!

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