Top 10 Tuesday!

Half way through February! This year is just flying by!!! I can't believe Valentine's Day is almost upon us! I really do just love Valentine's Day! It's a planned excuse to show everyone a little extra love! For some reason Valentine's Day always brings me in mind of crafts, perhaps because I used to enjoy making my own so much! I don't know if I was more excited to make valentines or receive them!

I am having my own little crafty afternoon this coming weekend to whip up some things for the wedding. The new, refreshed blog is going to have a DIY section, so the crafts that we accomplish this weekend, will live there!

Because it is almost the day of love, I am wishing I was at home right now watching "Valentine's Day" and crafting my little heart out! Since I am not, I thought I would show you guys the Top 10 Things I Would Love to Create for Valentine's Day! Phew, that was a mouthful! Who knows, maybe I will be super ambitious and get one of these things made:

Doesn't that all just look so delightful?! Show someone a little love this Valentine's Day :)

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