Trendy Thursday!

Now that I've solved the mystery blogger problem (when I say solved, I mean pulled my hair out, tried everything and then cried tears of joy when it somehow fixed itself) I'm back!

With exciting news no less, after 2 wonderful years with this blog I am getting a make over :) and I couldn't be more excited! So definately keep your eyes peeled for the exciting changes in the coming weeks.

As I am sick today, I won't get too wordy, but I found this great photo:
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I want this to not only be the trend for 2013, but forever. This is totally my mantra. It is what I tell folks when I get interviewed, it is what I tell my brides and grooms and it is 100% what I believe. Yes, I am very excited about my wedding, I have been working incredibly hard at making it come to life, on a budget! and trying to allow it to represent Mr. Wedding Girl and I. But, I am WAY more excited about marrying him and all of our crazy adventures that our life will take us on. I want to promote this photo and genuinely hope that everyone feels this way! This is what life is all about folks!

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend and I will be back in full force next week!

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