Trendy Thursday!

Today I thought I would discuss another trend that is stylish, yet completely budget friendly. Burlap! I know, not something you typically think of when it comes to weddings, more something you think of as being itchy and brown...I digress, burlap can be used for a plethora (I've been wanting to use that word for a while, reminds me of my Dad) of things.

Check out these photos below for some burlap ideas!

See what I'm talking about!? It can be something as subtle as wrap for your bouquets or something like your table runner, so many great uses! You can pick up a roll of burlap at any home store, such as Home Hardware. I suggest getting a roll because then you can cut it in to whatever you'd shape or size you need.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend filled with Christmas-y activities, ti's the season! Stay tuned for next week when I come at you with my Top 12 Books of 2012!

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