Top 10 Tuesday!

Don't worry, I remember what I told you all I would be posting this week for Top 10, I know I said I would share my favorite reads of 2012...but this is WAY more important!

I am so, so happy to share that my bestie got engaged to her special someone over the weekend. Scott surprised her with a trip to beautiful Quebec City for the weekend and popped the question! Becky and Scott, I am so happy for you both, I cannot wait to watch you start the super exciting journey of wedding planning together! And better yet, I cannot wait to watch you start your lives together. You are 2 of my absolute favorite people and I am just over the moon!

I took this picture years ago, it was the night it all began, as you can see, it was clearly meant to be!

Will she not be the most beautiful bride?!

Long before these boys even came into our lives, we were best friends, now we get to experience this journey together, it is AWESOME! Congratulations again :)

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  1. She will most certainly make a gorgeous bride (as will you!) Congrats to Becky & Scott!!!


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