Trendy Thursday!

I'm sure you're all dying to know what is trending in the world of weddings these days! Today I have chosen to chat about bringing a little personality to your wedding, letting the guests in on what you're all about as a couple! I love going to weddings, I'm sure that comes as no surprise to anyone reading this blog. One of my favorite aspects is getting to know the couple, whether it is through the speeches, photo's decorating the room or the personal touches that the couple chooses for their special occassion.

With the birth of Pinterest so many ideas are being released into the world, it can almost be sensory overload! It is also an amazing way to share great ideas, ideas that can be molded to whatever you want. I love DIY projects, so when I see a great idea on this marvelous site, I get excited to try it! The ideas below are all about making your wedding more "you". They're about sharing fun little facts about you as a couple, about giving the guests a glimpse into your lives, because hey, that's what we're here to celebrate!

Cute idea to add some fun facts about you guys, how you met, your favorite food, where you'd like to travel. I think, the funnier the better!

Create table numbers with photos of each of you, using each table number as an age marker. If we chose to do this, I would be VERY thankful that the numbers stop at 10....after that it goes downhill for a while, no one likes the awkward teen years.

See what I mean about the ability to share ideas?!? Brilliant! I hope these photo's provide some inspiration to up the personality into your big day! I also hope you have a wonderful weekend, I am being swept away for the weekend to celebrate my 25th birthday! Woo, quarter of a century! I'm feeling like a very lucky girl and am very much looking forward to this weekend!

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