Top 10 Tuesday!

One of the most expensive elements of a wedding is the florals. To some folks, that is one of the most important aspects and they are willing to shell out the cash to get the look they want. For others, it's unfathomable to spend that kind of money on something that will die. Here is one area that you could take over and do yourself, if you felt comfortable!

I'm not knocking florists here at all, let me make that very clear. Many people do not feel creative or comfortable taking on such a big project, especially if they have a certian look in mind. That is definately when a florist would be worth the money and would give you piece of mind. However, you could cut down your budget by a whack of cash if this is something you think you'd like to try your hand at. More and more brides are checking out wholesale flower markets, there are tons in your city, if you're willing to look! And you can get great deals on florals, assuming that they are in season. I would suggest sticking with flowers that are bigger, so that you'll need less. For example, hydrangeas. They are a very popular flower for weddings and are avalible all year long! One of my favorites for sure!

You can have so much fun, finding jars and vases, thinking about the flowers that would suit your big day and doing the research. Scour dollar and second hand stores, check out antique sales! Obsessively look on Pinterest for different arrangements. I will be doing my own flowers, along with my Mom and have found that peonies and hydrangea's, my flowers of choice, will cost between $2-$4 per stem. Which is pretty good!

Below are some inspirational photo's I will be working from, as you can see sticking with 1 or 2 kinds of flowers is probably best. Leave the huge arrangements to the professionals. I would still suggest getting a florist to do up your bouquet and boutineers, you might not have a ton of time to fashion those the day of!

This is a super helpful chart! It will help assist you in making you floral choices!
I hope this week's Top 10 gave you a different perspective and perhaps some courage to try doing some of these things yourself :)

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