Top 10 Tuesday's!

This cold, rainy morning calls for something bright and fun! Today I will highlight my Top 10 Shower Idea's! Pinterest (God love it!) has lead me to a fabulous website that assists people in planning TONS of parties. They have so many fabulous idea's for all sorts of things, but today we will focus on showers!

Here we go!
A Vintage Patisserie Paris Shower (Paris showers just remind me of Bridesmaids, one of my all time favorite movies!) Definitely a wonderful idea for the girly girl bride!
Shabby Chic Shower!

A Grey & Yellow Affair!

I just love that they stuck with the wedding colours!
A Sophisticated Circus Shower! How adorable is this?!?! Love all of the mini food and the cotton candy! So, so cool!
Sweet and Sour Shower, this is such a fun idea! I've never seen this before. I am totally drawn to the bright colours! This would be perfect for a gal that loves candy!

A Yellow and White Polka Dot Shower, so cute!

This one almost reminds me of a Movie Shower, with the vintage bottle pop and the cool little popcorn!

A Button Shower. Ummm, so sweet! What a fabulous, cheap idea!! And it looks so cool!

A Whimsical Shower! This is so beautiful and bright! The spray painted zoo animals certainly add the whimsy, looks like so much fun!

A Tiffany Shower, classic!
So many great idea's! The important thing when planning a shower is, of course, making it something you think reflects the bride! Have fun with it, you don't need to break the bank, you just need to be willing to put some time and energy into creating things. If you're not a creative person, don't worry, that is what is so great about blogs and Pinterest! It assists you in getting those juices following and providing some inspiration! As long as you put forth your best effort and have a good time with it, it will show through!

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