Top 10 Tuesday!

One of the most exciting things about being engaged (other then all of the super fun planning!) is the extra time you get to spend with all of your favorite people! There are dinners, showers, parties and of course wedding week!!! People are all gathering in your honor and it's a beautiful, lovely, overwhelmingly nice thing. The love you feel from these events is amazing, you're so thankful to have all of these special people in your life!

Of course, you're going to need outfits for these occasions, I would be completely lying to you all if I said my "shower" outfit hasn't crossed my mind. Mr. wedding girl looks at me like I have 9 heads when I start chatting about my shower dress. Bless him. Here are my Top 10 Favorite Potential Shower Dresses! (You'll notice A LOT of white, hey, stick with the theme, you only wear white once...if by once they mean when you're a bride to be, right?)

Dress it up, dress it down! Remember to stick with a theme if there is one and always remember, to be super thankful and gracious that all of these people are here to love and support you :)

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  1. love the white one with the gold sequins/sparkles - that gets my vote!


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