Top 10 Tuesday!

Spring is officially here today! And with it comes the birds chirping away in the morning, sunshine, a nice warm breeze and the feeling of wanting nothing more then to be outside! I am lucky enough to live in a place that offers all 4 seasons, this year we didn't really have a winter, which is kind of sad, but it looks like we're certainly going to enjoy having a spring!

Outdoor weddings are my favorite, they're so lovely to attend and to plan. They have the most cost effective back drop, the great outdoors! They can get expensive when you have to start renting everything, but if you're lucky enough to have a venue in mind that is inexpensive, you can definitely make everything else work. Finding an out of the box venue these days is tough, people are shying away from the cookie cutter hotel banquet hall and going for something a little bit more fresh, like a golf course. That has been happening for years, however, now, we're seeing a whole new trend! One I am definitely on board with! Barn weddings, tent weddings, straight up outdoor under the star weddings! I love it. These weddings seem so rustic and genuine. They give off the feeling of a big family BBQ, which is exactly the vibe I am going for! Mr. wg and I are going venue hunting this weekend. Here is what we're looking for:
  • an inexpensive venue that offers a rustic feel.
  • something with washrooms already provided
  • a place that allows an outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour, but has a backup, in case the weather doesn't want to co-operate.
  • a place that our friends and family will love and have a fabulous time at!
I will keep you all updated on our progress! But, for now, here are my Top 10 Favorite Outdoor Wedding Photo's. I hope they provide you with inspiration, as they have for me!

No matter where you decide is the right place for you, as a couple, to get married, just remember, make it you!

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