Top 10 Tuesday!

Now that I am engaged, I will walk you through how to plan a wedding step by step for the next 16 months! I am excited to share this journey with you, what a fun time it will be! So, to kick things off, what are the Top 10 First Things You Should Do? You don't have to do them in this order of course, this will just give you a good idea of somethings to keep on the checklist and get started on pronto! Ryan, (who will now be know as Mr. Wedding Girl, fun right?) and I started some of these things this past weekend! No time like the present people!

  1. Decide on the budget, this is a huge one, especially if you are footing the whole bill by yourself. You can't even decide what your wedding will look like and how many guests you can invite until you know how much you have to play with!
  2. Decide on a date
  3. Decide on some venue options
  4. Decide on your wedding party (this has been one of my favorite tasks so far!)
  5. Make a guest list, remember things could change along the way, so leave yourself some breathing room
  6. Pick a date for your engagement party, if you decide to have one or if someone is kind enough to throw you one. Remember, only invite people who will also be invited to the wedding!
  7. Think about what you want your wedding to look like, colours, food etc.
  8. Start to make a list of the vendors you have in mind, perhaps you've been to other weddings and loved an aspect, or you have a favorite restaurant that caters.
  9. Make some dress appointments (depending on how far out you are of course)
  10. Find a creative way to ask your wedding party!
I know some of these things feel a bit premature, always remember when planning a wedding, you can't do anything to early. Unless you're on the fence about things of course...but when it comes to weddings, things book up fast. If you have something in mind, pounce on it quick! It's such a let down to find out their already booked that day. Always remember as well, stay within your budget! It's only one day, keep that front of mind. You want to have enough in the budget for all of the fun extra's you've planned!

Stay tuned tomorrow for THE Story, I think it's time to tell it! Happy Planning :)

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