Weddi-quette Wednesday!

For today's edition of Weddi-quette Wednesday, I thought we could focus on something that I know will be very important when my big day happens- what role does the Mother of the Bride (or the MOB) play. If you're quite close to your Mom like I am; you're going to want her to be a big part of your wedding. I mean, she's been thinking about this moment ever since the day your were born! She probably has all sorts of criteria about your Prince Charming and all sorts of ideas about what the day should look like. So what are some guidelines she can follow to ensure not to step on any one's toes?

Real Simple Magazine has done it again, they've come up with a fabulous list of tips for her to follow, they're listed along with some of my own comments below:

  1. Get rid of your own expectations! Always remember this is your little girls big day, not a do over of your own. "Sorry Mom I will not be wearing your 1980's Lady Diana dress", might be something she says to you....it's sad, but sorry, just not in style anymore. That is just one example of course, there are many aspects that you need to step back and allow your daughter to take the reigns on.
  2. Pick your battles. Pretty self explanatory, again this isn't your big day, so if there are some things you feel strongly about, let your daughter know, but it will be her final decision.
  3. Start out on the right foot! Excitement and enthusiasm all the way!
  4. Don't promise more then you can deliver! You want to be able to enjoy this special occasion as well. Don't take on more then you can handle.
  5. Get to know the In-laws! The best case scenario is if everyone gets along and you can celebrate things together! You're going to be sharing your kids for holiday's, sharing grand kids etc. So the better you get along, the easier and more enjoyable the future will be.
  6. Don't try to out do the other mother. Mainly because that would be embarrassing. Your kids love you for you, don't try to out do anyone! (Especially not the bride!)
  7. Bride's mother traditionally picks her dress first! But again, this might be a silly rule you don't really need to care about!
  8. Don't invite people too soon. Too avoid any serious etiquette no no's, make sure you see the final guest list before you start telling family and friends they'll be getting an invite.
  9. Practise Discretion. Please follow this rule, if nothing else. There is nothing worse then when weddings get ruined by family drama or gossip. Please ensure to only speak positively about all wedding related issues. You never know when it will come back to bite you in the butt!
  10. Give a sentimental gift! They will be getting spoons, bowls and towels from everyone. Make it count, give them something that has meaning and will last a lifetime!
Above all, have fun and enjoy the day! This is a big celebration for everyone involved, so kick off those shoes and have a wonderful time!

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