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What is inspiring you today?! Below is a collection of photo's they're in no particular order and they're not even all wedding focused. They're just photo's I saw and felt inspired by!
So. Many. Balloons! What a happy party this looks like! So bright, colourful and fun!

This photo caught my attention because of the natural colours. How stunning! What a great palate for a wedding!

I obviously don't have my own cottage, but believe me, if I did, I would love for this to be the family room. How cozy would you feel curled up on that chair, beside the fire, with a loved one, reading a good book??? There is no where I would rather be right now!

A DIY glitter lantern. I love me a good DIY project, so why not try this one out and add a little sparkle to your life! Check out Oh Happy Day for more instructions!

First of all, Audrey Hepburn is one of my idols. She is the picture of absolute posie and grace. (Not to mention I think she's a riot in her movies) These are words to live by!

I just adore this idea for table numbers, how fun and different. It looks so personalized!
So tell me, what is inspiring you today?

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