Top 10 Tuesday!!!

Hope all of my Canadian friends had an excellent long weekend, filled with lots of sunshine and happiness! This weeks Top 10 is filled with TONS more sunshine, which I can only assume would bring on the happiness! One of the most exciting elements to wedding planning is deciding where you should go on your Honeymoon! Listed below are the Top 10 Most Visited Honeymoon Destinations:
  1. Hawaii- This sounds pretty perfect right now, its an island filled with adventure and relaxation! Surf, lay on the beach, climb a volcano! There is so much to see and do, this would be the perfect choice for a more adventurous couple looking to experience new things!
  2. Snuggle up in a hammock on a beautiful Hawaiian beach!
  3. Mexico- This is another stunning sunny destination, while I personally picture Mexico as more beach laying, then adventure, I know there is a ton of amazing stuff to do there! Visit the Mayan Ruins, shop in local villages, ride the train through the canyons! Travelers be warned, Mexico is not the safest place for tourists, you need to be very careful about where abouts you go and who you can trust.
  4. Jamaica- Explore the caves and waterfalls, sit on the beautiful white beaches, try some spicy cuisine! If you and your spouse are looking for non stop nightlife, Jamaica is the place to be mon....ok, perhaps I took it a little too far there, I hear Jamaica and my Bob Marley accent comes out.
  5. St. Lucia- What do you get when you mix France, Britain and the ocean?!? You get the beautiful destination that is St. Lucia. Roam the Rain forest, snorkel in the clear blue ocean, visit the local markets! St. Lucia is a perfect place to explore and celebrate your wedding!
  6. Bahamas- Thanks to its close proximity to the US border, Bahamas is an easy destination to get too! Made up of over 700 islands, this beautiful destination has accommodations to fit every budget!
  7. Dominican Republic- This larger island focuses less on tourism then its close by counterparts. This puts the accommodations at a much more reasonable price. If all you're looking for is some relaxation by the pool or the beach and rarely want to leave your resort, you've found your honeymoon! With resorts in every price range, the Dominican is the place to go!
  8. Tahiti- What a fun word! How could it not be a fun place?! These Polynesian Islands are gorgeous and remote, if you and your honey are looking for some time just to be alone, this is the paradise you're looking for! Island hop to places such as Bora Bora and Moorea! Relax in your private villa! Sounds like pure heaven too me!
    Tahiti Villa's
  10. Fiji- When I picture paradise, Fiji comes to mind. Picture laying on a stunning white sandy beach, the beautiful clear, blue water lapping at your feet, the tropical breeze blowing through your hair and behind you are lush green mountains. Just breathtaking, with over 300 islands to chose from, this just screams relaxation, after a hectic wedding who wouldn't want that?!
  11. Antigua- Yet another tropical destination with great diving, snorkeling and hiking. The difference with Antigua? The way the trade winds blow helps decrease the humidity, creating the perfect climate for you and your brand new life partner (gotta be inclusive of everyone here, love is love!)
  12. Italy- Yes please! This is the city of amore, eating pasta? Checking out the Almalfi Coast? Hit up Rome for a few days? Perhaps bump into George Clooney?!?! The potential is unreal! Cobblestones streets, gelato, pizza. Sign me up!
Italy....or heaven, you decide

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