Weddi-quette Wednesday

I LOVE the Olympics, especially the winter Olympics. Something about them gets me so jolly and lets be honest, Canada kicks some serious butt every 4 years when the winter Olympics hits! I love watching just about any winter sport during this time and cheer for every single Canadian out there! I love the sense of patriotism it brings out in the whole country. My favorite sports to watch are ice dancing and hockey. I love me some Tessa and Scott!

I am so proud to be Canadian for a number of reasons, I truly wouldn't want to live in any other country! They're great to visit, but I'm always happy to head home to a nice Tim Horton's steeped tea. I'm even prouder when our country is put on display and I read articles like this. What an awesome tribute to such a great place!

Are you an Olympic lover?? Are you especially proud of your country??

I mean, I still think they deserved gold....it might take me a while to get over that one.

Sorry for the short post...I have some Olympics to watch! GO CANADA GO!

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