Trendy Thursday!

There is a trend I am hearing more and more about these days. I'm sure its not new, its probably not even a trend, but for some reason I've been more exposed to it and keep reading or hearing people talk about it. Honeymooning every year. Sounds pretty amazing right? It doesn't even have to be expensive! Its just a way to celebrate another year together.

Lets face it, marriage, like anything else worth having, is hard work. There's good day's and bad day's, happy day's and sad day's, but lets face it, you probably can't imagine what your life would be like without that other person. Marriage is a pretty incredible thing if you think about it and its totally worth the work! It is absolutely one of those things that you often get back what you put in.

I think this should be celebrated! I also think little trips together are super important. They give you something to look forward to, work towards and be excited about! There is nothing better then the anticipation of exploring a new place, especially with your signifigant other. Mr. wedding girl and I have been very fortunate, we've travelled to a ton of different places together. Not only do I love the exploring and discovering new things aspect, I also love completely checking out. No cell phones, no emails, no social media, in today's world its a very freeing feeling. I'm sure a lot of people think why don't we just work harder on doing that here, at home? Way easier said then done. It's hard to fully shut down when everything is so accessible. When you're travelling, you're truly in the moment and I love that.

So I think you should all make that pact, discover a new place with your sweetheart every year and celebrate all of the up's and down's you've had. Celebrate your growth! Am I getting to Oprah here? I won't continue on my positivity rant, instead I will share some photo's of our past trips! Up next, our real honeymoon in 37 days people! HAWAII!


California Road Trip :)


Have you been to Hawaii!? Got any tips or must see's for us??

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