Weddi-quette Wednesday!

Hello readers!

Just to keep going with all of the excitment of the week, I have a super special announcement, one of my favorite bloggers, Rachel, from The Mean Girl Diaries, has written a book! The first in a series, it sounds like it is going to be awesome! If you haven't checked out The Mean Girl Diaries, you really should. I know I've chatted about her blog on here before, as I think she is hilarious!

I am a huge reader, as most of you know! So promoting this book, for someone I admire, seemed like a no brainer! Here is a book trailer for "Escaped".

Head back next week for more infomation on the book, where to buy it, what contests you could enter (and who doesn't love a contest?!?) and you can bet that I will be snagging myself a copy when it comes out next week!

Congratulations Rachel!

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