Top 10 Tuesday!

I get lovely little updates from Martha Stewart and her wedding team, daily. I've found some great inspirational ideas through these emails, but most of the time I just wonder, why that can't be my full time job.

I got one last week that was "55 Ways to Trim Your Wedding Budget", how fitting, I thought! Check out the site, she provides some great insight and areas of how you can cut your budget down. Remember, even if its a small sacrifice, it's going to be a big impact in the end.

Here are my 10 Favorite Ideas from Martha's List:
  1. Serve a signature drink or punch during cocktail hour. This will cut down on a lot of your bar costs since guests are limited to an alcoholic and non alcoholic version of the punch!
  2. Stock your bar with only beer & wine. If you think your crowd is mostly beer and wine drinkers, save yourself some money and minimize stocking your bar!
  3. Forgo full dinner service. No one needs that many courses! Stick to just salad and a main if you're able too. Try to use local foods that are in season, it will cut down on your costs and the final product will be much tastier!
  4. Select in season flowers. (see chart below) This will save you some serious money. In season flowers are fresher and much cheaper as they don't have to be special ordered. As per a couple of weeks ago, you can find a ton of in season flowers at your local floral wholesalers.
  5. Better to borrow! Many people in your lives will have things that you can borrow. Whether its mason jars or cute bobby pins, borrowing is always better!
  6. Negotiate contracts. Sometimes vendors will be willing to bend a little. Sometimes they will accept cash, sometimes they will be willing to remove some items and lower the cost for you. At the end of the day, it never hurts to ask.
  7. Create a wedding website. This can be a great hub for your guests to come and read about your wedding, see where you're registered, RSVP and view their menu choices. You can also put up handy links for your hotel and reception venue. It will cut down on printing most of this information out.
  8. Ask for help. This is a huge one. There are people in your life with talents, perhaps you've over looked or just haven't thought could be beneficial to your wedding. Is there someone that is fabulous at baking cupcakes? Maybe a photography lover that would do a stellar job taking photos? Perhaps you have a friend that is musically inclined that could come and play the ceremony and cocktail hour. These are all things to keep front of mind, most people will be so honored you asked. For example, one of my best friends is a fabulous baker, she is doing our cupcakes. My aunt used to be a florist and is super crafty, she is helping make all of our centrepieces. People and resources are there, you just need to look for them.
  9. Utilize public spaces. This is a big one! I am getting married at a museum, which is town owned. This way you can usually bring all of your own stuff in, including stocking your own bar, just don't forget a Special Occassion Permit, which you can obtain from any LCBO. They also don't charge as much and usually close to the public at 5pm anyways.
  10. Give a newbie a break. This is another one of my favorites. Just like utilizing your own circle, this could prove very beneficial as well. You could find a great up and comer to do you hair, make up, photos, DJ, design and create dresses. You name it!

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