Top 10 Tuesday!

Last week I gave you some idea's about how you could cut back your costs when it came to flowers. This week I will be staying on the topic of saving you money and talking about one of my favorite things- Mason Jars!

These little (or in some cases quite large) guys can be used for SO many things! And the best part? They're totally cost effective. Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire and most grocery stores carry them. You can also find different sizes and pretty neat ones at garage sales, antique markets and dollar stores. Below are 10 Wedding Ideas:

How cute are those?! I bet there were some ideas on there that you didn't even think of! Plus, the best part is, you can totally reuse them after the wedding if you'd like. They're great for giving gifts with baked goods in them, I've seen "mani/pedi in a jar" or you could just give good old fashioned jam!
I hope you found some inspiration this week, I will be out of commission for a week, I'm getting my wisdom teeth out...not looking forward to that at all! But, I will be back next Tuesday with another edition of Top 10 Tuesday and it'll be a goodie! Have a wonderful week :)

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