Wedi-quette Wednesday!

Hello my little readers,

We're half way to a long weekend up here in Canada, praise the Lord, summer has officially begun! Remember the days where this week would mark the beginning of your 2 month summer vacation?? Now I'm excited about 3 days off in a row! Enjoy being young little ones.

This week I thought I would discuss "The Importance of Being Organized". Which is not a new discussion, here at the wedding girl. I am assuming that everyone wants their wedding to be a lovely stress less day, where you or your planner know exactly what is happening at every moment. In order to ensure that this goes flawlessly and that you get everything you dreamed about for your big day, it is important to keep the planning going in the months leading up to your wedding and not leaving everything to the last minute.

I found this great chart on a sight called Digby & Rose, which I discovered through Pinterest. It is a great place to start when you're trying to figure out what to do, when!

Get the printable version here 

I hope you enjoyed this week's tidbit! Stay tuned for tomorrow's trend!

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