Trendy Thrusday!

Hi Folks!

This week's Trendy Thursday column is going to be less about trends and more about an upcoming wedding that I am pretty excited for! 7 years ago I introduced my good friend Katie to Scott, thinking that it would be nothing more then a high school fling! Boy, was I wrong. Katie and Scott hit it off, they are an amazing couple, so good for each other! Scott is a hockey player and Katie is already the picture perfect wife, accompanying Scott all over the place, as he works towards his dream. Katie is one of the most caring individuals I've had the pleasure of being friends with. She was in tears many times at her shower this past weekend, just re-iterating how compassionate and genuine she truly is. They're getting married in July and I am lucky enough to be a part of this wonderful celebration!

My favorite photographer Sarah, who has done a guest post for the wedding girl, is there photographer. Here are a couple of shots from their Engagement Session!

Aren't those fabulous?!?! Sarah is so talented, I hope you all consider her when selecting your wedding photographer! Check out her site Sarah Martin Photography!

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