Wedi-quette Wednesday!

"All the single ladies, please make your way out to the dance floor!" Chances are, if you've been to a wedding you've heard this and probably had to shake your little booty to some Beyonce while attempting to strong arm the other ladies attempting to catch that beautiful bouquet. The story goes, if you catch the bouquet a wedding of your own is in the near future. People take this very seriously! I have obviously participated in a few bouquet tosses myself, I prefer to be close to the back, mainly because I love grooving to "all the single ladies" so much and would prefer to do that then star in their wedding version of UFC, but also because I'll get engaged when I'm good and ready, or at least when someone asks me! No pressure!

The history of the bouquet toss is quite interesting, in medieval Europe, the bride's dress was seen as a lucky fertility charm, all of the single ladies would chase after her when the wedding had come to an end, tearing off parts of her dress! As the years went on, wedding dresses we're becoming more and more expensive, brides began throwing other things as a distraction. This is were the bouquet toss started getting more popular! The tradition of bouquet tossing is falling by the wayside a little bit, brides are preferring to use their bouquet for different things, such as presenting it to the longest married couple, splitting it up and giving it to people that are very meaningful to them, or just keeping it as a keepsake. I, myself, think it is a hilarious tradition and plan on participating, I better practice flower hucking!

So what is the etiquette you ask? If you decide to participate what are the rules around it? While there are no real steadfast rules around this tradition, it is supposed to be single ladies only. That being said, I've been to weddings where they invite all the women onto the dance floor. Some women can get super competitive, my own personal rule? No shoving, biting or hair pulling!
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My little sister understands the importance of a good dance groove.

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