Top 10 Tuesday!

I hope all of my Canadian readers had a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving and are stuffed with turkey! I have been asked to discuss hiring photographers by one of my lovely little readers. So this week's Top 10 is questions you should keep in mind when looking to hire a photographer!

  1. First and foremost, you have to make sure that you like the photography style of the photographer in question, so you're going to want to ask to see a portfolio. When looking at the portfolio, feel free to ask questions about what time offers the best lighting? Make sure to check if they take a lot of staged photo's or random in the moment photo's or a nice mixture of both!
  2. Ask to see the packages they offer and what are the benefits of getting one over the other. There are the obvious benefits, such as more camera time and more prints. But, sometimes photographers will start throwing in extras as the packages start to climb.
  3. What happens if you sign a contract for a specific photographer and on the day of they are unable to make it for unforeseeable reasons? (they are sick etc.) Do they have a back up photographer you find comparable?
  4. Are engagement photo's included in the package? You want to be able to test your photographer out and see if you enjoy their style and their work ethic.
  5. Ask to see letters of recommendation, if possible. It's always great to see other people's reactions!
  6. Ask if there will be a "second shooter", which is a second photographer. If you're super adamant about having a wide variety of photo's, you'll want to ensure there will be a second photographer. This just means more photo opportunity!
  7. Ask the photographer what other ideas they have, beyond the traditional couples and family shots.
  8. Many photographers will ask if you have a "shot list", this just means shots you absolutely must have! Be sure to really take some time to think of what you'd like on the shot list, you may only have a reserved amount of time for photo's and you wouldn't want to miss anything.
  9. Ask the photographer approximately how many weeks it will take to receive a copy of the prints, so many couples are anxious to re-live their happy day, some photographers may be a bit quicker than others.
  10. Ask if there will be an online component to the photo's. Sometimes they will release the photo's to a website! This makes it super easy for the bride and groom! Just copy the website link and send out a huge email to everyone whose been begging to see photo's of your special day!
Above all make sure you are really comfortable with your photographer. It's pretty clear that some companies do it because they'll truly love capturing special moments. Those are the photographers you want! Speaking of wonderful photographers, I have a special treat for you! The beautiful Sarah will be writing the very first guest blog on the wedding girl. I am so excited she agreed to this, she really is so great at what she does, plus she has the cutest little girl! Keep your eyes peeled for her blog, in the mean time check out her website!

This is one of my favorite wedding photograph's I've ever come across!

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