What the MOH Batman!??!

I'm sure most of you are wondering what on earth this title means!!! Well, in the wonderful world of weddings the MOH stands for the Maid of Honor. And what an honor it is! So, you've been asked, you've of course accepted this fabulous offer and now you have zero idea what comes next. Don't fret! Many lovely ladies are in this situation, if you've never been in a wedding party, more specifically, never been the Maid of Honor, how the heck are you supposed to know what is expected of you?! Let me help you out!

Having just been in my first wedding party (hard to believe I know) and been one of the Maids of Honor, I feel like I have some insight. Also, my wedding obsession certainly helps!

So Pre-Wedding, what is expected of you? Well first things first, THE DRESS, yes, you get the exciting, super fun task of helping the bride pick her dress out! Can you think of a more fun activity? I sure can't, what a magical moment that is and you get to be a part of it! Just remember that its quite stressful picking your wedding dress out! Assuming you'll only be married once, this is probably your one chance to rock a gown, that's a lot of pressure! You will also be responsible for planning and throwing a shower, as well as the bachelorette party. If you're a planner like me, this will be a little piece of heaven for you! How fun! Also, if your bride to be doesn't have a wedding planner, she's probably going to depend on you for help with finding the venue, picking flowers, doing the invitations, making the seating plan....basically all of the things a wedding planner does (see how helpful we are!). While this may sound a touch overwhelming, I will remind you that these are things you COULD be asked to help with. I am in no way suggesting you should be doing all of these things, you have your own life, which I am sure the bride will respect. All of this being said, just remember to have open and honest communication, weddings can take over people's lives, you're going to want to be able to tell your crazy, excited best friend that you just don't have time for everything, but will absolutely do what you can!
That's just pre-wedding, it's like a warm up for the big show! Alright, it's wedding day! Your bride's time to shine! And time for you to make sure that she can shine, shine in a normal glowing way, not in a, just ran a 10K way. You get my drift. So your duties on the big day could include helping the bride get into her dress (this will probably include a little cry, so you'll want back up make up on hand!) Act as a little messenger between the bride and the outside world, you wouldn't want her to risk ruining the big surprise! Once the ceremony begins, ensure that her train and veil are all straight and perfect before she heads up the aisle. Once she gets there, kindly take her bouquet and hold on to that puppy until the end! (Be warned this can get heavy, seriously, do some arm workouts before the big day, lest you stand up there with a big smile and madly shaking arms!). Head over to the signing table with the Best Man at the appropriate time and sign the witness line (you'll rehearse this at the rehearsal, so don't stress).

Now its party time! You will be in charge of making a speech, dancing with the Best Man (fingers crossed he's a babe) keep up the right hand gal status and make sure things are going as planned and nothing is stressing her out! And of course, have a little fun yourself! Once the wedding has wrapped up and you've taken your dancing shoes off, the Bride and Groom may need you to take some stuff home from the venue. This may occur the night of the wedding, but will most likely be the next day. So its really a full weekend event for the bridal party.

I hope you take all of this advice and show your Bride she chose you for a reason! Not only are you best friends but you are also so excited too help her every step of the way! I'm sure she'll return the favor ;)

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