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The Royal Wedding has come and gone...and what a spectacle it was! I cannot get over how happy it was! I love discussing it! Anyways, I suppose now I better find something else to discuss on my blog, lest I appear the creepy Royal Stalker (that I am deep down inside). So this week I will be tackling some questions I've been asked. Being the "Wedding Expert" among my family and friends comes with TONS of questions, some I can answer, others I need to research. But I figure the more I know the better off I'll be! Here are some of the questions that I get asked most often:
If I am throwing a shower, can I invite people that are not invited to the wedding?:
Alright, in my mind this is the epitome of tacky. I understand there are some circumstances where you may want to invite people to the shower and not the wedding. Case in point, the person cannot attend the wedding? That is appropriate. The person is your Mom's best friend and would like to come to the shower, but knows she is not coming to the wedding? Fine. You inviting more people just for the gifts....NOT OK. If you can't afford to have them at your wedding, you shouldn't be asking them to your shower. That's like buying a ticket to the show, but not actually getting in and it is not polite or proper.
If I get invited to an engagement party, do I bring a gift?:
The short answer is yes. Basically think of an engagement party like a small scale wedding in the realm of gifts, especially if it is a fancy engagement party, at a nice venue, with great food. Even if it is a backyard BBQ (my personal choice for an engagement party) its nice to show up with a little something. BUT the thing to remember when you are getting an engagement gift, is, its just supposed to be a little good luck token, not a blender.
If my invitation is made out just to me, not me and guest, may I still bring my significant other?:
No. If the bride and groom are allowing you to bring a significant other they'll let you know. People who just start filling out the reply card adding names are just making a huge mess of things. Not only for the wedding planner, but also for the relationship with the happy couple. They don't want to have an awkward conversation with you telling you that you can't bring the guy you hooked up with last week at the bar. If you get a plus one, you'll know! And if you're really unsure, for example you've been dating the same person for 6 years and they've met the bride and groom a million times, just double check, that might be an oversight and its totally appropriate to ask in that situation. Otherwise, just buck up, put on a fabulous dress and go solo!
Is it OK to ask for money or gift cards on a registry?:
Its quite frowned upon to do this actually. I know it seems a little weird especially if you're asking for big ticket items (like a Dyson Vacuum....can you tell what I want?) But when you put money or gift cards on the registry it looks tacky and greedy. My advice, through some items on the store registry you like (For example: Home Outfitters) and the smart (or lazy) guests will probably end up giving you a gift card anyways. Everyone knows how much fun shopping with gift cards is!

That's it for today, if you have any questions that you would like me to tackle later this week, send em along!
And how cute and simple are these tiny bouquets?!

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